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Did you know we can connect you with qualified, experienced, and dog-savvy real estate experts from across the country?

If you're looking to buy kennel property in a specific region or state and don't know where to start, let us help! We have a large database of trusted professionals ready to assist in finding the property of your dreams.

Like everything we do at Kennel Connect, we have high standards for the level of care, experience, and expertise of our affiliated agents and limit our recommendations to those experienced in selling kennel, commercial, or mixed-use property when possible. We feel this is of utmost importance as kennel listings are much more complex than most properties. We also place high value on communication, trustworthiness, and friendly service.

Send us a quick message with your preferred city(s), property must-haves, and budget to begin!


Looking for a Lender?

Kennel Connect is proud to have partnered with First Financial Bank and their Pet and Vet Care Financing Specialists, offering you the ability to connect with a highly-specialized team in the pet care industry to fund your vision.

Whether you have questions about your ability to purchase, would like to know about current loans available (including SBA loans), or have a property identified and are looking to purchase, reach out today

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