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The Kennel Property Experts

Kennel Connect was established in 2020 to create a means for people to find and sell kennel property easily, from anywhere in the country. After being involved in the dog world for nearly two decades, we noticed a disconnect between kennel properties and those that were searching for them. We observed many properties sitting on the market for months on end and buyers with few ideas on how to find them.

Our simple goal was to bridge the gap that exists between buyers and sellers of kennel properties and do so out of a long-established love and commitment to the dog community. We are proud to have now become the world's largest kennel property network. 

We work in conjunction with buyers, sellers, listing agents, and buyer’s agents for one common goal: to connect dog people to dog property. Our clients include boarding kennel owners and investors, professional trainers, groomers, rescue group organizations, breeders, AKC dog show handlers, and more.

We feel being heavily involved in the dog community both on a personal and professional level for 20 years has given us the advantage of truly understanding our clients and their needs and we are dedicated to serving them the way we would want to be served.

-Chelsea Metteer

Founder and CEO

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